#MakeItHappy: Part 1


The typical formula for the modern super Super Bowl commercial is often a combination of humor, shock, sex, amazing (and costly) digital effects, quick cuts, emotional voiceovers, a sense of nostalgia, and lately, an effort to be “real.” Most of us can relate to the fact that, even though we are more technologically connected than ever before, we’ve lost a sense of real connection as our faces are often buried in technology (ahem!) sharing.

In our online, “virtual” lives, since everyone has a veiled and open platform to speak their minds, people often feel as though they can get away with a lot more than they would in real, face-to-face interactions. But there’s a fine line between engagement and just pushing people’s buttons to feel some value or stature within ourselves. This year, the Coca-Cola company is approaching their multi-million dollar buy with a focus on an unfortunate side effect of social media: blatant negativity.

Enter #MakeItHappy. Besides the “No More” spot via donated time from the NFL, it’s the only campaign to come out of the more than 30 major brands that addresses our modern behavior and reminds us that we need to be more kind to one another. More human.

It’s certainly something we believe at Brand Cool, all of our work has to be human. If we can’t be transparent and honest about the stories we’re trying to tell, it’s not worth it. In fact, it’s the cornerstone of our business. Needless to say this campaign caught our attention, so we wanted to share it with you if you hadn’t seen any of the teaser material below. We’ll be keeping tabs on it this Sunday during the big game via Twitter. Stay tuned to @BrandCool on twitter this Sunday and let’s watch how it unfolds together.

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